The Movers The Shakers and The Peacemakers (Hard Copy)
The Movers The Shakers and The Peacemakers (Hard Copy)
The Movers The Shakers and The Peacemakers (Hard Copy)

The Movers The Shakers and The Peacemakers (Hard Copy)

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Album Information

We see with one love, one heart, one drum beating to a song that is singing us home.  ~Bob Sima, lyrics from “The Movers The Shakers and The Peacemakers”

Hurt people hurt people; healed people heal people.  ~Bob Sima, lyrics from “Healed People”

The Movers The Shakers and The Peacemakers was included as part of the Healed People and Healed People Extended crowdfunding campaigns through Indiegogo. Even though the funding goal was not met to allow full professional marketing and promotion of the new products, Bob and Shannon worked diligently to complete the album and other deliverables.

All songs written, composed, and produced by Bob Sima at Trance End Studio in Annapolis MD

All songs edited, mixed, and mastered by David Weber at Airtime Studios in Bloomington IN

Musicians: Bob Sima, Shannon Plummer, David Weber, Krista Detor

Cover design and Album layout by Shannon Plummer

© Bob Sima Music, Released 26 October 2017

The Movers The Shakers and The Peacemakers Release

Title Track of Sima’s New Album Won a 2017 Global Peace Song Award Prior to the Official Album Release

Bob Sima continues his musical mission of opening hearts and inspiring a national audience with his 8th studio album, The Movers The Shakers and The Peacemakers.  The album is a collection of songs, intentions, mantras, and reveries all supporting the central theme of ‘Healed People’ that Sima sees happening across the world. Our current state of affairs appears so divisive among politics and corporations, as greed and the concepts of “power” and “control” drive both a silent disbelief and a highly emotional response at the same time. But if you look beyond the media and lawmakers, and into the hearts and minds of your local community, there are good news stories in overflowing abundance. When you seek out accounts of unity and humans supporting humans, you will find them. Not only will you notice them, you will want to be part of your own good news story. We simply have to be motivated to want to believe there is love and compassion all around us and we will soon see it – and be it – everywhere. The healing begins.

As Sima quotes, ”I feel like music is such a powerful tool to bring us out of darkness. Keep in mind that I first write these songs for me and then I get to share them with you.” Recorded at Sima’s home studio in Annapolis and engineered by Airtime Studios in Bloomington Indiana, The Movers The Shakers and The Peacemakers is a collection of conscientiously well-written songs that sway from rock to folk, from sacred to vulnerable, from emotional to empowering. Most important to Sima is the message of each song. How it comes through musically is simply icing on the cake. Sima doesn’t read music and has never formally studied instrument or voice, yet he knows exactly how to pull together the lyrics and the vibe of each song to take the listener into their heart and inspire change instantly.

Sima’s albums always have deeper messages, but the particular collection of songs on The Movers The Shakers and The Peacemakers reaches new depths of the healing and growth that we – as the human race – are challenged by and with throughout our lives. It all leads to a place where we can then serve others and initiate the ripple effect of shifts and transformations within homes, communities, states, regions, countries, and the world. There is not one song on this album that will not find a place in your heart. We are all learning the same life lessons, regardless of how they might appear in our lives. We are all trying to create a unified effort to love and support each other in this world. We may believe that we fall short, but as each person has their own awarenesses and revelations about their own personal journey, everyone they touch is affected.

Sima is changing the world one song at a time, as evidenced with the 2017 Global Peace Song Award for the title track. One listen to The Movers The Shakers and The Peacemakers is all it takes to accelerate your own healing adventure.