A Thousand Cups of Tea (Hard Copy)
A Thousand Cups of Tea (Hard Copy)
A Thousand Cups of Tea (Hard Copy)

A Thousand Cups of Tea (Hard Copy)

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The music is a calling and beacon for change – deep change – for shifting our consciousness; it also serves up a gentle and beautiful remembering of the depth of beauty that is available to those who are awake to see it.  ~Bob Sima

Let’s go back; let’s go back; let’s go back to beginning.  ~Bob Sima, lyrics from “A Thousand Cups of Tea”

A Thousand Cups of Tea was included as part of the crowdfunding campaign for It’s Time. Even though the funding goal was not met to produce the second album, Bob set the intention and delivered on his promise.

All songs written, composed, and produced by Bob Sima at Trance End Studio in Annapolis MD

All songs edited, mixed, and mastered by David Weber at Airtime Studios in Bloomington IN

Cover and disc photos by Shannon Plummer. Interior photo by Terry Georgia

Album layout by Shannon Plummer

Musicians: Bob Sima, Shannon Plummer, David Weber, Amanda Burrell

© Bob Sima Music, Released 25 August 2016

A Thousand Cups of Tea Release

Bob Sima responds to repeated inquiries with an intentional album subtitled Music, Message, Meditation, and Mantra. Recorded at Trance End Studio in Annapolis MD, A Thousand Cups of Tea contains layers upon layers of Bob’s personal creativity. With the exception of the background harmonies and some programmed, digitally recorded live drums, each and every note and sound was personally recorded by Bob in his home studio.

A Thousand Cups of Tea is much more than an album or collection of songs. It is a journey. It is a journey back to your heart, back to your breath, and back to your home. To fully experience the journey and the sound quality – including a tibetan bowl which is several hundred years old – we invite you to put on some headphones and submerge into the vibrations, mantras, meditation, and messages. Our invitation to you is to be open, to breathe along, to sing/chant/tone, and to dance along with your heart and soul. The core messages are appreciation, self love, and gratitude. The title track was inspired by a Vedic teaching that simply states, “I’ve had a thousand cups of tea, but not like this one.” Each track on the album has a theme that supports the title song. Repetitive lyrics become mantras that pull the listener deeper into an experience as one track flows into the next.

“God Approaches” is a breathe-along that Bob uses as a tool during many of his Practical Breathwork teachings. By following the conscious breath pattern throughout the song, the listener will – without realization – reduce their own breathing to just under 3 breaths per minute. This builds a sweet cocoon of peace and calm to move into track 4. “Become the Wind” is a 15-minute guided (spoken word) meditation designed to allow space for integration of the first three tracks and for preparation of the gifts to receive in the final three songs. The album experience completes with “Say Grace” and its final lyrical reminder: “I say thank you; I say grace.”

A Thousand Cups of Tea was initially inspired by audiences requesting recordings of Sima’s live meditations. Though every live Music Meditation is a unique and organic creation, this album will replicate that experience. Imagine a spiritual trek through a multitude of awarenesses and transformations with every listen. As the title track states, “Let’s go back; let’s go back; let’s go back to the first time.”