putalittlemoreloveintheworld (Digital Download)
putalittlemoreloveintheworld (Digital Download)
putalittlemoreloveintheworld (Digital Download)

putalittlemoreloveintheworld (Digital Download)

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Love is the whole thing, we are only pieces. ~Rumi

We look forward to the time when the Power of Love will replace the Love of Power. Then our world will know the blessings of Peace. ~W Gladstone

putalittlemoreloveintheworld was released by outrageous support through a crowdfunding campaign. Much gratitude and love to all who made it possible to share these messages through this album.

All songs written and composed by Bob Sima except “Book of Love”.
“Book of Love” lyrics are credited to Stephin Raymond Merritt.

Produced by David Weber and Bob Sima, Airtime Studios, Bloomington IN.

Album design by Jen Smith.

Musicians: Bob Sima, Jason Wilber, Slats Klug, Jamey Reid, Nick Tucker, Steve Mascari, Dena Elsafar, Amanda Biggs, Rob Thorworth, David Glaser, and David Weber

© Bob Sima Music, Released 15 March 2014

putalittlemoreloveintheworld Release

Based in consciousness and imbued with spiritual wisdom, Bob Sima’s new album, putalittlemoreloveintheworld, is a cornucopia of spiritual insights with rich tones and textures. The songs are completely accessible with unforgettable, life-enhancing messages that seed transformation in many minds and in the collective consciousness. The genre-crossing songs show beautiful musical diversity with hints of folk, rock, ethereal layers, and Americana. The messages are firmly steeped in teachings that carry powerful messages of depth, transformation, and insight.

The spiritual ground that Sima covers in this new album is wide-ranging. It begins with the insight and opening track, “I Am”, as a logical launching point for a collection of songs that will move you deeper within yourself and allow you to feel your connection to the whole. The song is an entire teaching in and of itself, encapsulated in five-minutes of musical artistry. It takes you to the place where names and labels are all stripped away and the essence of each of “us” is revealed.”If you take away my name and you take away these things, you’re left with only awesomeness – the essence that I came here with – the everything – the I am.” The song ends with the refrain “I am; You are; We be” – a philosophy inspired by the African Ubuntu tradition which signifies interdependence, cooperation, and connection.

“I Am Here” is a companion track based around the ancient tradition of conscious breathwork. The album frequently refers to the breath, and this song specifically states, “It’s the single thread that gets me clear and out of my head, ties my body to my soul, and I’m always near it.” “I Am Here” is a lyrical connection to the sacred breath which moves through all life, words, thoughts, feelings, and beings. It was introduced in 2013 at Omega Institute during the International Breathwork Summit.

The track “Breathe” is an ethereal nod to take time to come back to center and be in the present as a human being, not as a human doing. “Breathe” is a reminder how we can easily realign to our true nature in the midst of the insane pace that we create in our lives. It is a gentle reminder to honor our human “being”ness rather than our human “doing”ness.

The title track, “putalittlemoreloveintheworld”, is an anthem for the heart…and a movement. “It’s the racing of your heart, the sage behind the smart… It’s taming the monsters under your bed, fighting the wolves up in your head; it’s the strange things you do when you are led.” It builds and drives into a final proclamation that has so much energy that the container of the song can barely hold on. “If you’re the only one to believe, then stand up and set it free, and put a little more love in the world. “Putalittlemoreloveintheworld” is a beautiful call to action for being a force of love on the planet. It is a movement in and of itself.

Other tracks on the CD touch on universal themes that resonate powerfully in today’s world:

  • “Queen of the Forest”, a supplication to grow beyond that old story that is ready to be rewritten, redefined, and overcome.
  • “Grand Design”, a celebration of what the Source desires for the bigger vision of our human experience.
  • “Happening For You,” taking the challenges of life and refashioning them as a crucible for growth.
  • “Bit My Tongue”, a plea for honoring authenticity, diversity, and acceptance.
  • “Center of You, Center of Me”, transforms a misunderstanding between two people by acting from the space of unity. In “Center of You, Center of Me” the words are clear, “We’re brothers and sisters and mystical whispers of some big and beautiful wind; We’re divinely connected, held and protected when we can see each other within.”

“The messages from this album are so sorely needed in this rapidly spinning, digitally-driven world of connectedness yet disconnectedness,” says Sima. “The average person spends much of his or her life in a constant state of low-grade stress, high-volume mind chatter, and in an eternally confused state of being. There is a deep connecting wanting to happen, and these songs can be a conduit for connection.”

Putalittlemoreloveintheworld is earning rave reviews for its empowering messages encased in easy-to-fall-in-love-with melodies. In the words of a Florida Americana Music promoter, Klaus Zingraf, “Bob picks up where John Lennon left off.”

This inspired CD is filled with uplifting and thought-provoking songs that will have listeners playing and replaying them. The newest of Bob’s CDs features an array of tunes that puts an exclamation mark on the art of living well. Following up to his enthusiastically received Pour It On, Periphery, and Thin Little Veil, putalittlemoreloveintheworld guides, cajoles, and demands that we live life up to our spiritual wholeness. Putalittlemoreloveintheworld, indeed, puts a little more love in the world!